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ET Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

ETs say that humans have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next, but ETs can predict probabilities better than humans themselves. Sometimes it seems though they predict only for the reason that we could avoid some possible negative outcome, or that we could call in a positive timeline. In any case use your own discernment as also some channelers skills might not be enough developed to forward accurate ET messages.

Men in Black (ET) predictions for 2017; AI (artificial intelligence) is going to increase to your benefit, will make you lazier. Bumpy economics next year, but no economic crash. Pleiadians are allowed to influence humans, but you will see them only, when you learn to love each other. The more you connect to ETs, the more quickly disclosure will happen. Spiritual guides will help your awakening. Sceptics have to eat their own a…s. You will become more happy and less angry. You are excellent…other worlds they don’t need to go through all this s..t – screwed up, sprayed by chemtrails, on and on…due to that – and reptilian influence – stress level is high. Ivan Teller,

Kryon ET – 2015/16/17. Profound changes in main stream news. You push now against energy, family and religion, but during new paradigm you don’t need to push. While you still have tendency to push, if there is resistance stop pushing, and try again different way next week. The door will open as you will get help and succeed. You will gain tolerance, compassion. You may not want to shift – and you have right for that, but why would you do that? You want to see whole message


World Predictions by Brad Johnson; 2017 is year of discussion and changing governments. US and Russia smoothing relations. No any war allowed by ETs, or they will sow up more. ESA declassifying UFO documents. World wide tribunals of shadow elites, datadumps from EU and Asia.
Mass sighting, spring time possibly like fenix lights, by Yahuel ETs. New education and energy solutions esp in India, UK, Holland, Spain, Russia. Fluctuations in global economics, and weather. Haarp expose possible. Sun energy increasing. Better understanding; plasma, consciousness, levitation. Channeling and contacts with ETs increase. Moving to 4 th density. June – July, telepathic broadcasts with ETs. Energetic change 2016-2024,

More from Sirian by Brad for 2016 – 2024. Lies of corrupt leaders can’t anymore hold people. New world currency, but corruption has to be weeded. Vegetarianism increase. Grassroot organizations will change the world. No WWIII, because vibration increased by Russia leadership. Develop yourself in order to overcome the shake up, ETs will help. More

Sirian ETs for 2017 by Ivan Teller; Power shift strugle in USA, opposition disrupting long time. Meditation is becoming a culture and entertainment. Global alliance based on friendship, Russia bringing lots of positive energy on planning globally. Syria no solution any time soon. USA health care reorganisation into better. Earth changes. No global disclosure. Connecting to quides and ETs bring happiness. Much love, be good to yourself! More


2017 is year of scandals, one can’t hide anything. Indigos will end the old paradigm, religions, bad schooling, and Crystal kids will rebuild a new system. Technology development faster than humans can follow. More charity, communities coming together. Guides, angels love you, you are not alone. See more from Cheryl Lynn,

World Revolution 2017. Fall out of old paradigms, including religious and dogmatic beliefs. People will suddenly realize they have destroyed themselves with GMO foods, as rats have tipping point in 3rd generation, can’t reproduce. Humans will learn the power of mind. People are afraid of economic crash, but awakened people are able to change things rapidly. Predictions made on 03/22/15, Media scandals, big lies, world religions credibility greatly reduced. Putin or pope might do disclosure. From Barbara Marciniak, and

From Pleaidian & Reptilian - ET Whisperer. Trump not in the dark old paradigm politics, people had desire for change. Huge shift, world will see that people’s word matter,

Pleiadian council, The New Law of Karma. Much collective karma of humanity will be burned in next few years. This release allows to raise human frequency collectively. Act unitedly. From Micheila Sheldan For the U.S; The change will happen only from bottom up, so it will not matter who is the president, From Wendy Kennedy,

Pleaidian Prophecy to The New Golden Age. Global economic collapse 50 % chance, then stability and equality will be reached between 2024-2028. Robot revolution in 2022 similar than earlier industrial revolution. Peaceful solution to war is to disarm enemy. 2027 no more wars and terrorism. Animals are now more psychic, but human intuition/instinct will increase, then all creatures same level with mother earth. Amazon link:

Pleadians for 2017 by Ivan Teller. Pumpy ride next year. Around June lots of disruptions in Middle-East. ISIS gearing up due to fear of being wiped out. Jerusalem and Jewish cities targeted – Sirians, Reptilians involved and also USA transitioning reason for skirmishes, but not in USA itself, except political system shaking. Peace efforts by Russian alliance, but Russia is forced to participate on military confrontations. No world war, although shadow elites try, nothing to worry.

Shake ups as younger generation taking over Bilderberg etc round table groups. Retailers go to net. More digital money, but no chips, humans are protected. People are tired to chaos, hostilities, so they go into inner healing, awakening, spirituality during 4 years, but some go more down into “black Friday”. ETs are not going to land anytime soon, but spiritual people coming more in contact with ET energies. On video 1.04.50,


11th Dimensional Beings. 2018 new systems implemented on to the human energetic force. 2019 ET&UFO first contact summit, and bureaucrats wrong doings exposed. 2020 everything will be restored. 2021 Massive contact operation, and free energy etc – new ET technology revealed to humanity. From Marina Jacobi,

Alien attack is not possible as it will be stopped in five minutes by good ETs. Different ETs councils will meet earth governments on 21 Dec 2016. Trump is expected to participate, but has fear of aliens. Clinton will be there. Discussion topics: first contact and governments dealing with ETs. Trump had humbling meeting with Obama, heard many frightening things related to presidency. Trump will be nominated the president. When light energy increases on earth the evils can no more control. From Hucolo,

Lyran ET for year 2017; shift to more positivity. Many therapists are becoming aware that some patients has connection to ETs or get healing. Some hostilities by Annunnaki, but nothing to worry about. New technologies will make people depressed (materialism, loosing jobs etc), but due to that many are going into meditation. Connecting to moon and sun energies makes you more universal. AI is nothing to worry about, it will eventually become part of your life. Much protection around you. Positive secret government bringing new ET technologies. Many people worry economics, but economics are becoming better although going up and down. When your society heals, the politicians will also become more positive and friendly. Unexpected surprises in USA also regarding ETs. Ivan Teller,

Arcturian ET predictions for 2017; Economy unstable, but next year this time economics better. People awakening into spiritual, getting to know oneself, see higher vibrations, more joy, less fears. Humans become more conscious of their guides helping them, because of turmoil and depression. Media will take more positive outlook, and also acknowledge ETs, as they see that nobody believes them anymore. Ivan Teller

Trump wants NASA to find aliens, not to spend money to going Mars. Trump to NASA: ‘Stop looking at Mars, I want you to find ALIENS’ and

Darryl Anka; Bashar – World Predictions 2016 – 2017. Global economic collapse will likely began in Greece and China. A new economic system will allow greater abundance for all. Likely new environmental ways of thinking. The Phoenix lights will reappear. Official governmental disclosure of ETs from an unexpected source, (once he said by NASA 98 % probability?). 

Ashtar Command Future Predictions 2017 2018 2019, (notice there are so many fake Ashtars, DA)

Lars “the future ET”. The shift will be completed by 2021. People who have reached fifth dimension can leave body and astral travel. Wars no more as vibration so high, people overwhelmed with love. Those who don’t ascend to 5D, after they die, they move to other 3D planets. Natural reduction of population due to lost interest for reproduction. Hank Jones session.


Trump has previous Playadian and Reptilian life times, and is having both sides; negativity and positivity. He brings people together, but indulge women and riches too. Father helping Trump from other side to change the world. Wars will eventually cease, but some try to bring destruction. EU, Russia and people commonly don’t want war anymore. Many living longer, not knowing what to do with it. Humanity is trying now hard to find oneself, and to be more united, happy. Meditation brings transformation of life – into family and society. Ask assistance from guides, angels. Prime Creator by Ivan Teller, ET channeler,

According Mr. chase, (book of revelation and Nostradamus), the alien attack will be in 2017. Jesus-Led Aliens to Invade Earth on 2017, Conspiracy Theorist …Steven Greer thinks Trump may disclose ETs. You may want to see also Meaning of The Economist 2017 Cover, Web bot, and

Cosmic brotherhood, Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been struggling for unity and expansion. Individualism was prevailing in stone age, but later on human beings formed clans and tribal villages. At present, countries are bonding with each other. Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings, bringing us eventually into the age of cosmic brotherhood. But according to P. R Sarkar our full participation on cosmic brotherhood is not possible until some basic factors are achieved: common philosophy of life, global constitutional structure, common penal code and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all.

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Predictions about the Bright Future of Humanity
Me too, I looked at the Crystal Ball for 2016, otherwise ok, but H Clinton deceived me! Heh heh!
ETs, Animals and Psychics – All predict for 2016

Ascending Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Yogi Kids

Nobody talks about Yogi children, but there are many assertions about Indigo children been born on the earth since seventies. Indigos seem to be labelled often as ADHD cases, due to short attention span and speedy actions. Many of them have fallen also to antisocial, and even suicidal behaviour, as they have difficulties to adjust on earth’s lower vibration, due to having lived their past lives on other planets. Anyhow with their rebelliousness they have caused revolutionary changes on thinking and on the society commonly.

Crystal Child (Indigo?) with learning disabilities

Telepathic, creative Crystal children seems to have started reincarnate around millennium and are having more interest on supernatural. Being more easy going, they are able to adjust better – if not getting engaged with alcohol or drugs – and bring new ideas in a more positive ways. There is said to exist still also rainbow children, born recently with huge load of wisdom, happiness and positivity.

Small Crystal Child and her past life on Saturn

I don’t have much experience with these children, but I do have come to know many Yogi children. They are kids whose parents have been practising meditation and yoga regularly in one or two generations. These parents are also lacto-vegetarians, using mostly natural treatments and having simple life style.

Yoga Kids Presentation

These children learn basic meditation and yoga practises at home, and most of them also participate daily on family meditation and asana sessions – at least somewhat. Besides they attend local collective weekly meditations and retreats. Like other new age children, they seem to be very creative, fast in their actions, and having positive attitude. When observing them, I’m surprised to see how they seem to be aware of every moment and everything going on around them. They seem to be somewhat telepathic, relaxed, independent and joyful.

Two Year Old Yoga Teacher

In the school mostly they are loved due to their helping and happy nature, but they also get bullied easily by some jealous children. Anyhow they have skills to overcome it with ease, and some other children often protect them. Mostly they succeed in school very well, and are often the ones inspiring teachers and inventing new ideas.

They don’t seem to have much attachment to computers, mobiles or food. When they become older, they may skip family meditation sessions, and start practising alone or leave it for some years. I have seen also some amazing cases. One ten year old boy practises meditation two hours or more daily, until parents interrupt him when it is time for eating, sleeping or other duties. Another teenager is serving everyone constantly, and practises meditation very sincerely. One five year old girl may listen mantra music for hours. Some do also have amazing spiritual experiences and memories from their past lives.

Recently in Finland a collective meditation occasion was organized by two families. All the five children from five to seventeen years participated on the meditation session, and besides sang some spiritual songs, served the food and collected dishes away. These children’s parents arrange vegetarian lunch for them in the school, and even if someone tries to feed them meat, in most cases they refuse to eat it.

When they become older they may neglect the collective meditation sessions during retreats and spend the time with other youngsters. They love to practise dramas and make songs for the cultural programs, and have some adventures or discussions together.

They may experiment alcohol and drugs once or so, but they never seem to get addicted to drinking or smoking drugs and cigarettes. They use quite simple clothing and are not interested of make up. Sometimes they may rebel against parents or society, but they seldom seem to have any anger attached on it. As they are somewhat telepathic and clairvoyant, they seem to be often the ones to “educate” parents and teachers with their behaviour since childhood.

In the school as teenagers they might start to feel boredom on concentrating to study things that they don’t see valuable or enough realistic for them until they find motivating vocational or scientific studies.

These Yogi children have similarities to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, but naturally they seem to be more healthy, grounded and balanced due to yoga and spiritual practises, and while having spiritual minded parents. Often I see also leadership qualities on them. They are the future pioneers and light bringers along the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Students meditate at Taipei University, International Yoga Day

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PM Modi’s Service for India

Recent demonetization in India (ban of 500 and 1000 notes and depositing to bank account or converting to new notes) is done with intention to save the country from black money and corruption according Prime Minister Modi. ’Demonetization will cause inconvenience and hardship, but I believe, the nation will come out victorious from this test by fire. The whole country is with me to rid the country of black money,’ says Modi.

And indeed, when Modi arranged opinion poll for common people about demonetization, more than 90% respondents supported demonetization move,

Modi’s initiatives has been received with great appreciation also outside the country, but attacked by Indian opposition; Narendra Modi says that political leaders behind multi-crore chit fund scams are attacking now him.

Incredible chaos in front of bank, seems like India is not going to survive, but…

…but after all, this video explains how the real estate prises will go down and become affordable to common people

Sadhguru ab Modi’s move; Though these unprecedented steps may cause temporary difficulty to some, this strategically-planned surgery is necessary to set the nation on stable footing for the future economic blossoming. Sadguru mentions also bright future of India, (By the way he says ab business president Trump; ”now is the time to change the global image of America into a land of wellbeing, wealth and ideal ways of living, rather than a source of war”.)

Yogi Ramdev also have praised Modi’s effort, although thinking that Modi may face threat to his life from drug mafia, terrorists and economic offenders during this “historic” move. According Union Minister Naidu, the poor people look at PM Modi as “messiah” after his decision.

Bill Gates has said that Modi has made “bold move” which will deflate India’s shadow economy. Gates also praised Modi’s Aadhar Card effort (identification card for everyone) and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, which aims to provide affordable houses to all poor by the year 2022.

At this moment everything seems still just crazy. The biggest problem might be that only half of Indian population have bank account and identity card in order to deposit or convert their savings, and any over $500 deposit will have to be explained or one may get penalty. When over 90 percent of money transactions in India are cash, business is suffering. Some people are returning to barter system – which might be a good side effect after all.

Modi has promised to ease or mold the conditions regarding demonetization as per the convenience of the common people. Besides common problems this has caused great political cohesion in India. The Supreme Court on refused to stay the Modi government’s notification demonetizing… and is giving steps to be taken to ease inconvenience faced by citizens. And polls Show People Support Notes Ban,

Prior to the latest move Modi government raised millions through a tax amnesty allowing Indians to declare hidden income and assets. Washington-based Global Financial Integrity estimated that India lost $344 billion to illicit fund outflows between 2002 and 2011.

Modi’s ban of 500 and 1000 rupees explained in English

Digital banking option with mobile now recommended on Press Conference
All about demonetisation in the news

But the best way Modi is doing service to the whole humanity is that he has initiated the yearly International Yoga Day, which brings different yogagroups together and inspires common folks to practice yoga, meditation and service.

PM Narendra Modi pitched for an All India Judicial Service, linking it with the inclusion of casteless Dalits and disadvantaged sections “in this system”.

Modi helping poor with housing, /india/2016/11/prime-minister-launches-housing-for-all-in-rural-areas-2449340.html

Nostradamus for India in 2014, Modi as PM,

Modi may have the best of India in his mind, but not everyone is service minded in India. I was once in a situation, when some man became unconscious in the street due to malaria, nobody helped him until I asked someone to call a taxi, which after getting payment took him to hospital. You may want to watch how nobody helps bleeding man to death on the street,

Macedonian Mother Theresa was needed to be as example in India, Mother Teresa found an order of nuns dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poor and was honored with a Nobel Prize in 1979. The order established in 1950 in Calcutta has grown to more than 4,000 members worldwide as of 2014. The order runs AIDS hospices, orphanages and charities throughout the world.

Amma, a simple village woman, had never guru nor studied the Vedas, yet she speaks with great wisdom and true insight and serves the poor. When the homeless come crying for shelter or the sorrowful crying for emotional solace she gives them care and love. And for those thirsty for spiritual knowledge she gives wisdom. We enjoy helping others – Amma;
Shiva propounded “self-realization and service to humanity.” Shrii Shrii Anandamurti emphasized also those principles to be practiced hand in hand. He has stated; ‘If you are successful in rendering selfless service to the world, certainly you will make progress in your spiritual life. With your spiritual force, with your intellectual force, with your physical force, you are to render selfless service to suffering humanity. In meditation also there must always be the feeling that you want to serve Him. If this is the feeling, immediately the mind gets concentrated.’

‘When you render service to anyone, you must mentally address Him with sincere devotion, “O Lord, you have appeared before me as a living being to offer this very precious opportunity of rendering service to You.” By maintaining such sentiments, conceit will not arise in you, nor will you be bound by the reactions of your actions’.

‘When you help someone, if you help him a great deal, then that fellow will become an invalid. You help him a little, then let him stand on his own, and he will automatically take up activities in his own spirit and with his own ideas.’
‘When you give, but do not take in return, it is termed as service. Selfless service is karma yoga, the only motivation for service is to promote the welfare of suffering people. Those who serve the poor in order to convert them in some way, or get their votes, are not the true benefactors of human society, but devious traders’.

‘From those who are physically, mentally and spiritually developed, society will take maximum spiritual service, less intellectual service and still less physical service. As far as social welfare is concerned, those endowed with spiritual power can render the greatest service, followed by those endowed with intellectual power. Those having physical power, though not negligible, cannot do anything by themselves. Whatever they do, they do under the instructions of those endowed with intellectual and spiritual power’.

‘At the beginning of the Vaeshya Age the vaeshyas (capitalists) use their money-making intellect both for social service and for accumulating money, but by the end of the Vaeshya Age they become irresponsible due to the intoxication of accumulation. They use their money-making intellect solely to exploit society’.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti was not happy also with those practicing meditation in the Himalayan caves without rendering any service to the human society. According him they should work among the common people and render spiritual service. Their plea that the world is unreal and simply taking food and drink from fellow human beings – those days should be gone forever.

‘And science should be just like art: science for service and beatitude. Science should always be utilized for the proper progress of human society. The real service is the service that you render to others for their spiritual upliftment. The spirit of service comes from the spirit of serving the Supra-Mental Entity.’
When I was recently in Finland I had so many experiences of others helping me, it was overwhelming and inspiring. Interestingly my Christian friend prayed after helping me; “Thank you God for giving me chance to help someone even today.”

And I still remember my poor home village in the middle of “nowhere” in Finland, where people used to help always each others in troubles, and in need. “Please take this”, “please don’t give me so much”, “how can I pay this back…” they used to plead.

I think humanity is commonly becoming more service minded now. One can just imagine how wonderful our world will be after some decades, when people rather want help others than take for themselves. The hunger and poverty will be gone and we will see grateful, smiling faces instead of careworn outlooks.

Edgar Cayce emphasizes constantly the importance of helping others, And Good health,

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The Future Superpower India and Its Kalki Avatar – Who Came and Left His Mission to be Folded

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PROUT Osuuskunnat ja Lähidemokratia

PROUT Osuuskunnat

ja Lähidemokratia

Kapitalismi on tullut tiensä päähän. Yhä useammat ihmiset ovat kiinnostuneita uudenlaisista inhimillisemmistä ratkaisuista, lähidemokratiasta ja osuuskunnista. PROUT, talous- ja yhteiskuntateoria, tarjoaa kokonaisvaltaisen vaihtoehdon.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle proutglobe photos

Tule osallistumaan yhteiskunnalliseen workshopiin Rikhardinkadun kirjastoon maanantaina 21.11 klo 17.30. Tilaisuus on uskonnollisesti ja puoluepoliittisesti sitoutumaton. Järjestäjä Proutist Universalin Suomen Osasto. Alustaja Pirkko Järvi


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Banca MPS Parma Iban: IT42R0103012704000063153913

Giacomo Boselli - Amurt onlus
See what AMURT ITALY is about 


A month after a devastating earthquake hit several mountainous villages in central Italy, construction of many of the buildings is still on hold. Almost 300 people were killed and houses reduced to rubble and many of those have been seized by the judiciary for investigation. Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel Hamid reports from the town of Amatrice. See the tent cities, and winter is approaching.
Italy: Earthquake town awaiting reconstruction short video

Delegation of Amurt Italy working on the quake-hit area of central Italy to deliver aid collected and to identify a reconstruction project. 

The group, composed of the National President Paul Bocchi, the Coordinator Giacomo Boselli, President of Amurt Viadana De Cillis and volunteers are helping in the city of Rieti area by giving the basic necessities collected in the post-earthquake period. A van for delivery is offered free for use.

Our collections have been successful, thanks to the collection events that took place this summer. Mainly hygiene products, educational materials for children, long-life food - and medicine with thanks for the contribution by Ail Oglio Po.

The Amurt team will have meetings with the municipal representatives to define a reconstruction project, thanks to the numerous private donations by citizens, associations and companies. After evaluating the situation Amurt will choose a public utility project feasible in a short time and pay the bills directly in order to be sure of the effectiveness and transparency of our actions. Amurt is launching further fundraising, for those wishing to join the funding: 

Banca MPS Parma Iban: IT42R0103012704000063153913
Giacomo Boselli - Amurt onlus
C/C Postale n. 1018486405 AMURT onlus

Thank you, grazie!

Dog rescued from rubble 9 days after the earthquake