torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2018

Breaking News, Gossips and Conspiracies

Increasing UFO/Orb activity in remote village in Finland. Light Hunter has taken hundreds of photos and videos of strange activity with UFOs, orbs and flashing lights. He has not managed to go near the phenomenons as they disappear if he tries to approach.

Light Hunter on 19.2.2018. Has UFO landed on the field? It looks like these red, white and blue lights are playing and having fun on the empty field.

Light hunter 29.1.2018, the summary of 400 Orb / Ufo sightings in one week,

Light Hunter on 20.2.2018. It´s unbelievable how many transformations of this UFO within ten minutes time!

Light Hunter, Moon changing its appearance and orbs around,

Light hunter says that according his observations, the main thing in sightings is the transformation of lights. They have also switched lights on in the houses and are covering their own businesses. He thinks there must be some kind of consciousness behind them, as they also disappear when he goes more near. The lights are often near ground, but also fly up. Another UFO Hunter got abducted and in his dear camera found photo of aliens,

There was in 2016 strange map of streetlights in Kauttua, Eura sky in Finland. Psychic Focus explained that it was like sky crop circle. ETs made hologram, saying "We're keeping you safe". They avoided some natural catastrophe underground, then they let the people to know that everything will be ok. The case with photo in Finnish news,

In the same area in 2007, smooth holes appeared, two explosions were heard and bright light seen. There is military area near by. Kauttua area is important due to Viking ruins from 1000-1200, and stone age materials from 5000.
Partial ET disclose going on even in main stream media. They're Not Hiding Anymore! ET wars in the sky, this is in many channels, one here,

Lindsay Williams reporting from elites. Recently his elite friend source gave Lindsay Williams their plans for economic crash, but it didn’t work out at all, because US election got out of their hands, and Trump does not following their orders. Williams is now telling that the elites will not allow the economy to crash now when Trump is a president, because Trump will not bale them out. After Trump they still plan to crash the economy. Now the elites are taking stock markets high, although they manipulate them by turns low also in order to make money. Same with crypto currencies. US dollar will be still world currency. 
Already decades ago it was revealed to Chaplin Williams, that US has most oil in the world - for 200 years, but they didn’t want to use it, before they made money by oil from Saudi-Arabia and other countries. Also the elites took down many oil countries, Irak, Libya, Syria - though rescued by Putin - targeting next Saudi-Arabia and Russia. Now as Trump opened up again US oil drilling, the elites are on board and going to make themselves rich. 
This natural Alaskan oil/gas is renewable so not polluting even. In 2020 US will be the number one oil producer and exporter. US will take oil prize up and ‘America will become great again’ indeed. 
(Comment, DA; Williams might know something, but those elites who suppose to become rich with oil exports are now getting exposed, arrested, and replaced at some point. So lets just see.) Sources, The Prophesy Club,, Super Bowl Dave,, Realist News spoke with Williams,

Arctic is really heating up, and Europe extremely cold, Some psychics say that earth axis is wobbling badly and the ETs are trying to keep it in balance. The seasons seem to be moving also later gradually, real winter came here only couple of weeks ago. Summer might be late again! P R Sarkar said in 90s that poles started shifting, because there was change in the movement of galaxies and solar year has become longer, which according my understanding means seasons are getting later? DA

Some parts of the world, sea retreats off shores in never seen before style, while in some places water is rising up. Strange lines in the sky and cover up going on by google etc, The Truth Hidden In Plain Sight?

Q Anon viewed by 20 million already, exposing things from high ups, many believe Trump team is behind it.  Astral projection to the moon, landing to military base. She saw huge truck/tank ready to leave to some battle in space,

Internet, esp Twitter and Youtube has started banning conspirators now. Even the body language analyzers got banned while exposing fake politicians, but Mandy seem to get back for a while, Elites are badly loosing it, retiring, escaping or arrested, so they try their last tricks.
Florida, Parkland's school shooting was clearly false flag operation, again one. The zombie shooter probably was couched to do it, possibly many shooters, gun control agenda, crises actors etc. One actor politician, Teacher said shooter was dressed like cop in full swat gear,
The shooting served as a great distraction, to ban guns and "creative taxing opportunity". The media being encouraged to cover this non-stop, giving attention to the criminal(s) and patsys...which keeps this repetitive activity going on by imbalanced young. I see a person that coaxed and planted ideas in the shooter's mind until he cracked.

Fulford 26 Febr, some religions uniting their ideas, for peace? US government bail out. Trillions to save Western countries. Cabal removal, disappearings. Secret space war to liberate the planet; in Nevada cabal space fleet and in UK underground bases destroyed, caused earthquakes in UK. Trump preparing Secret Space Program disclosure. False flag in Parkland, Florida school. Countries getting own cryptocurrencies, ie Venezuela, and China and Russia gold backed currencies. In US 77 million in prison due to debts.

Missing San Juan submarine. Argentine offers USD 5 million reward! Psychic Focus tuned to a map and marked "x" where the sub is resting,
Emery Smith telling incredible stories about ET Nazca world underground, also similar in Equador. There are lots of crafts crashed long time ago. To fly these craft, you just have to kind of say, “Go”. There is kind of a very bio-luminescent type feeling, the plant life down there is like conscious. He also talks about advances suits that do miraculous things, More about the suits, Corey Goode etc by Elena Kapulnik,
Apextv is commonly faking time traveller videos: Photos are faked from other photos. The same video clip is loaded many times, same people and car passing by five times,

Noah’s body language. First time when he is asked if he is a real time traveler he answers yes, but shakes his head sideways, which suppose to mean that he is not speaking truth. His appearance is stiff, he starts often um…and plays with fingers. Those are just simple things to observe.

Ivan Teller channels a reptilian, time traveller shortly; ‘Yes that guy is a time traveler… yes and no. Basically he is connected to future version of himself.

Time traveller in Apextv from 4126 and 2030 sounds like same person, using often words ‘am’, ‘um’, ‘like’, Time Traveler Came From 4126 To Give This Message

Sarkar, if we think just our own problems then they become bigger, we should take care of others problems.

Didi Annapurna

tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

Mega & Q Anon and US & World Clean up for New Year

These “false or fake news” are based on just rumors, gossips, tweets and channelings, but you may take them seriously as well. If not totally correct, we can create at least some new reality by considering things are changing better.


Mega-Anon to Wilcock, Big s--t will start happening as of Jan 2 nd. Trump test running huge communications. Local news will expose child trafficking, pizzagate, government gun gate, drugs gate. Over 40,000 people been arrested, assets seized without notice. If you donated to the UN or the Red Cross, you could be liable to human trafficking. Only few doing ritualistic sacrifices, know about aliens and Antarctica. Rumsfeld was on 9/11.
NASA doing their own ET disclosure, saying “We just found out about this.” Elon Musk is involved, and Trump’s uncle. Hillary Clinton was funded by Soros and Rothschilds. They pushed BLM and Antifa. Half of the coordinators of these groups are on ankle bracelets, monitored. The woman who shouted in Las Vegas, you are all going to die, was Paddock’s girlfriend.

Obama presidency was planned in his college time. He is not US born citizen, engaged in trafficking. Loretta Lynch, Holder and Obama to go off. FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, cleaning up their own stuff. Ab 604 in FBI arrested. FBI, CIA, and FED will be restored. (The State Department made a deal with Hillary and Huma to remove their records,

US military busy during Christmas? Q Anon posts something on 4Chan and after some minutes Trump posts about the same thing! Then Q Anon posts picture of G. Washington American Christmas revolution and US Department of Defence posts same picture on Twitter. Julian Asange’s Twitter account went off and came back. The first ones that he follows are pope, some US government and UN personnel. US Navy tweeted about Assange and they have also on their own page G Washington picture. What do you get out of all this?

Seaman thinks, Q might be Thomas Drake. Seaman was banned for life from Twitter for tweeting that Anderson Cooper is a former CIA intern and son of world richest woman,


Adronis, Brad Johnson, the year 2018 starts a storm (led by Trump) which will last until 2021. This storm includes disclosure politically, economically, cabal, celebrities, war agendas, classified files, but only drip drip ET disclosure. This storm will decentralize currencies, bring prosperity fundings and human transformation.

Brad Johnson and Blue Avians; The government is stimulating ET disclosure and this will lead soon into a higher degree of disclosure, cloaked near by planets etc. Be part of disclosure. Connect with the nature, start existing in love, in fourth density and start to form communities. Technology can assist you in certain ways, but do not depend on it. Due to solar flash your electrical systems will likely not survive, and you may be out of power for a couple of weeks, months up to a year, depends. So integrate yourself back into nature without electricity, technology.

Delphi race lives in Agartha under Greece in 4 D. They are vegetarian and use crystal technology and have agriculture with mixed cropping of wild plants. They are in contact with some humans. They never used mobiles, only telepathy. Humans can’t survive in Agartha

Elena Kapulnik remote viewed the cigar shaped asteroid ship on 12 and 13 th Dec -17. Corey Goode has posted very similar info couple of weeks later. Whether Elena is very good remote viewer or Corey got the same info after Elena posting it in SSP net group. Elena; Dorians, from Zelda planet, are in stasis inside this asteroid ship Oumuamua. Their original Dorian ship, egg-shaped silver craft, was damaged during solar storms. Then they moved in the floating empty ancient cigar craft in space and went into stasis (?). Dorians are travelling towards a planet called Solaris. SSP units went inside the craft, but couldn’t open the stasis pods protected by electrical fields.

Dec 25th 2017. Corey Goode on, says the long asteroid, space vessel probe is from ancient builder race, a craft that can travel throughout our solar system. SSP could not open up the stasis pods of three different type of beings inside the vessel. Corey also says the "space war" has now largely been won by the higher-level ETs taking over Draco. NASA; Cigar-Shaped Asteroid Being Investigated,

Elena Kapulnik made video earlier about ‘high government official’ attending on briefing in Earth Alliance ship. Now she exposes finally that it was indeed President Trump (as I speculated here, Trump Attends Meetings about SSP and ETs - on spac...). So according these three, Elena, Anthony Zender and KJ Scoops, Trump went to space in the Earth Alliance ship.

KJ Scoop was protecting cargo and Elena was in charge of communication in the ship. Anthony was providing ground security for Trump. This operation started in Paducah Kentucky Army base Febr 4 th, 2017. This Earth Alliance carrier ship with Trump went to earth orbit followed by protective dart craft and some Air Force jets having anti-gravity propulsion. Elena tells and provides reference images, From Anthony and KJ Scoop,


Wilcock disclosure, Tom Delonge’s disclosure may be Cabal-handled, but he is exposing some truths. Tom DeLonge tweets, what do you get when you zap a layered piece of Bismuth and Magnesium with Terahertz energy? Wilcock; Pete Peterson, insider, was extracting bismuth into thin coil wires to demonstrate anti-gravity. When some ET ship parts were analyzed in a laboratory, they were found to have lots of bismuth and magnesium. Transcript 1996, Art Bell artifacts. And Linda Moulton Howe about bismuth-magnesium alloy in 1996.

On Dec 21st, Harry Reid is calling for Congressional investigations into the UFO phenomenon. New York Times broke a story telling us that UFOs are real, and are extraterrestrial in nature. Many more MSM media is spreading the stories. Henry Deacon in 2007 already claimed to have worked on Mars, repairing advanced technology and meeting multiple ETs.

Since 2010 insider Mark knew eight different ways of generating anti-gravity. In 2003, Daniel told, a seat from a crashed UFO was hooked up to a power supply and generated portals. In 2008, Bob Dean portal travelled. In 2008: Emery Smith autopsied 3000 ET corpses. In 2009, Pete Petersen confirmed hi-tech SSP, and reptilians.

Expected ET disclosure inside Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan and Giza, Then Pentagon UFO Reports, evidence and Drudge Top Story: Boeing Unveiling Secret future air power. From Pentagon Chief: UFOs proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Ancient Fossil Micro-organisms Indicate Life in the Universe is Common, For Full Disclosure, we will have to unite and work together! Strange dogfights taking place with advanced SSP crafts. Some shoot-downs have occurred, the farmers involved have had their debts paid off in exchange for silence. Source,


Many politicians under “arrest”, using ankle monitor, and covering it up by a surgical boot in public. According some sources; McCabe, MacCain, Huma Abedin, Bill, Chelsea and Hillary still wearing the boot two months. Hundreds following their fashion according Mega Anon.

Film American Made, starring Tom Cruise, by Alliance to blow the whistle. There has been 28 investigations into Hollywood, 37 in other jurisdictions and 4,289 sealed indictments in past 3 weeks to "drain the swamp." Politicians have choice to resign or be arrested. Paul Ryan and Google Eric Schmidt, Alphabet, resigned suddenly.

Trump signs Declaration of National Emergency For Serious Human Rights Abuses, This includes ceasing assets of abusive government officials. It includes denial to even pay ones debts to these pedos. The cabal is losing and has to make at least some kind of disclosure. Fulford is telling that now cabal is ready to negotiate with WDS about economics, world peace etc.

Corey Goode still; A “limited coup” is likely to happen, have a minimum of 2 weeks of food/water in home. US Special Forces training with S-Korean troops to stop N-Korea. The Alliance grabbing human traffickers and key people - Trump watching live. Soros in secret court? Many judges taken down.


Webbot Predicts for Winter 2018 - Soaring bitcoin, gold and silver prices, economical boom. Web bot is also waiting for Alien Technology to appear and much more, EU breaking, And

Adolf Hitler was only fallen angel, his life purpose was to make difference, While Stalin was taken over by Reptilian imposter,


You may see also flickering and black suns etc strange phenomenon going on, 

Happy New Year for 4 D beings and those remaining in 3 D !

Didi Annapurna

My Visions for the Year 2018 and Beyond