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Trump Attends Meetings about SSP and ETs - on space ship?

This surely sounds more than strange, but lets consider at least. There seems to be many kind of claims that Trump is participating some meetings with earth alliance on space. 

Anthony is a commander of Kruger super soldier ‘runners’, claiming to be a member of positive Illuminati. He is telling incredible stories about his participation in about 5000 Secret Space Program missions. He tells also that he has been in 160 planets. However everything seems to be very unclear what he has really experienced, what he remembers and what has been told, so nothing seems to be so sure, probably he is heavily memory suppressed.

He says; ‘I was in ship with Trump for security during briefing of SSP in February 2017. Another super soldier who was present was working with communications. She has made video about it. She mentions high government official, but doesn’t mention Donald Trump by name’. When Anthony was asked if Trump was surprised about being in space? He answers; ‘Trump was all Trump, like normally. He wants to bring out ET technologies, but not allow ETs on earth. If Hillary would be president there would be no disclosure.‘ Super Soldier Talk - Anthony Zender – Kruger Super Soldier,

Elena Kapulnik was probably the who made the video that Anthony is talking about. Anthony even mentioned at some point her name and told that he has met Elena. Here about Elena's video; 'In the beginning of Febr 2017 when Elena was in SSP mission, a high government ranking US official boarded earth alliance carrier ship to space. The mission was to brief this government official about SSP, earth alliance world assets, space stations, planets, ships and about maintaining secrecy of ET existence. This earth alliance briefing was for different earth governments. The official persons boarding to carrier ship on earth orbit was guarded by huge team of security guards on crafts with assault rifles.

Elena was in this ship monitoring the communications that nobody can spy. She was encrypting all messages, scanning everyone for listening devices and weapons etc. There were concerns about security, because devices can be teleported, so she had to scan before and after. She doesn’t want to mention any names.

Elena Kapulnik is amazing super soldier. She has many stories from Mars, meeting with ETs, advanced healing experiments, visiting Antarctica etc. When I look her body language, I don’t see much signs of deception, though I have to admit, I don’t know much about these analyses. Here she is remote viewing Dulce Base Underground Secret Facility (April, 2017),

Elena Kapulnik is ready to take polygraph test and her body language to be analyzed. For channeling session with Christopher S. Jacobs, she prepared eight questions about her SSP experiences to be verified. Christopher with his co-host Joanna went to figure out if the memories were real. Most seem to be true, except one story was about planted false memory by reptilians.The Lifting Interviews Star Traveler and the Secret Space Program,

Recently Elena verify also with psychic medium Karl Mollison the same things, through her higher self (?).

Tekkrr through Jim talks also about Trump participating in meeting of governments. Trump didn’t speak anything there, as according Tekkrr, Trump is afraid of loosing power to ETs. He wants to trade with ETs, but not them to come to earth. Trump is aware and using secret advanced technology for his own benefit.

In last governments' meeting only 15, now 33 nations want first contact. Some of the largest countries don’t want disclosure because ‘chaos will follow etc’. They claim ETs would benefit from hybridization, but Tekkrr says humans also would benefit. Healing of humans is done from astral, from distance, ETs are not allowed to heal humans here on physical level earth. In that meeting was 8 hours discussion about Antarctica. Next Sunday something negative might happen. Those in charge, cabal, are questioned.

In these meetings the government representatives are in physical form in some place on earth, but the common people and Lyran ETS are participating in holographic form. After the meeting these humans don't usually remember of being there. It is very common claim nowadays that many of the humans unknowingly are communicating or working with ETs in astral during their sleep. 

Corey Goode has also stated; 'Conzales has confirmed that President Trump is backed by Earth Alliance. Trump Hold Listening Session On Human Trafficking - Corey Goode Comments, (obviously Corey is also relating it to human trafficking on space)'.

According Corey Trump declassified in January patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies used already long time in SSP. The declassification will not be accessible to major media. Corey's information comes from a senior official in the MIC-SSP, 

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Cure for Common Health Issues

Commonly acidity is one reason for almost any disease. Also meat eating is risky, ripe old banana can replace meat. Yoga and meditation helps with any diseases. Half baths - splash water; face, nasal passage, eyes, behind ears, neck, lover arms and legs and genitals. Homeopathic medicines are helpful, sometimes better than chemicals. If eating acidic or sour fruits take them always with salt. Basil prevents many diseases and increases age. Nuts keeps young! Homeopathic medicines wary according individual, here only some examples, seek homeopath.

Acidity commonly, take coconut in any form with anis. Also lemon water with salt many times a day. Orange juice with water helps when feeling constantly hungry, take food only in regular intervals. Fast in certain days, ie full moon time.

Anemia, soak fenugreek over night, drink the water in the morning. Take fresh parsley juice, molasses, beet root, sesame seeds. Stick iron nails on apple, keep over night and eat the apple for breakfast. Homeopathic Ferrum phos 6 x together with Ferrum met 30, besides take some iron products.
Astma, local sweet or sour fruits. Leafy-vegetable soup, milk or yogurt water. Mainly alkaline foods. Evening meal early. A little lemon salt water several times a day. Eat little at time, clear constipation. Asthmatic spasms cannot occur when one is hungry. Enemas help occasionally. No intoxicants, not even tea. Mix raw cane sugar and pure mustard oil, lick in the morning for 21 days on an empty stomach. Take burned peacock feather ashes with honey. You can buy from India homeopathic mother tincture, blatta, which is made from cockroaches. Do acupressure. Avoid processed foods, preservatives. Homeopathic arsenicum, spongia, sulphur, antimum tart, hepar sulph, tuberculinum etc.

Brain function, tamarind and rice starch. Externally keep brain cool - put some oil or water on head. Take big cardamom with honey. Ginseng, ginkgo, soya lecithin, flax seed oil, nuts, oats. Homeopathic baryta carb, calcarea carb.
Blood pressure high, sleep enough. Eat less fat and protein foods and more alkaline vegetables and fruits. When better do more physical work. Small spoon of cardamom with a little honey twice a day. Use natural olive etc oils. Acupressure. Homeopathic, belladonna, nux vomica, glonoinum, lachesis. Low blood pressure almonds, basil. Homeopathic carbo veg, china, gelsemium, lycopodium, bartya carb, conium, natrum mur, etc

Blood toxicity, in the morning take 1 cm raw turmeric with honey to empty stomach for two weeks. Neem and brinjal fried together. Drink lots of water. Echinacea, honey, dandelion leaves, nettle. Homeopathic lachesis, arnica, bapt etc. Gangrene secale, arsenicum, lachesis, carbo veg, cantharis, can be very effective.

Bleeding externally, first aid bandage in serious cases. Juice of calendula leaf or flower, on wounds. Cayenne pepper, john’s worth, yarrow can help. Homeopathic millefolium, phosphorus, and for deeper wounds staphisagria, ledum, all in 30 potency. 
Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, some of these homeopathic; staphysagria, stramonium, belladonna, cuprum-met, hyoscyamus, nux-vomica, tuberculinum, tarentula, syphilinum, lachesis, arsenicum, coffea, platina, anacardium, aurum met, ignatia, natrum-mur, opium.

Bones, to make stronger. Gram flour with over ripe banana. Minerals. Milk, yoghurt, kale, swiss chard, almonds, avocados, flax seeds, vitamin D and Magnesium. Homeopathic, aurum, calcarea fluorica and calcarea phosporica, silicea, symphytum.

Cancer, homeopathic conium 200 etc, calcarea fluorica. Go to bed early, yoga posters 3 times a day, no sex. Alkaline food, lemon-salt water (similar effect than soda water), clear constipation. Milk, coconut or almond milk. Pineapple, banana, tomato. Drink lots of water. Sun and mud baths. Physical work if able. Avoid mobiles, wifis etc radiation, toxins. Cannabis oil and apricot pits.

Constipation, juices such as beet root, zucchini. Eat lots of vegetables and fibrous food. Dried plums. Homeopathic nux vomica, bryonia, alumen. No urge even alumina,  mother tincture chelidonium.

Colds, mustard oil, old molasses, raw papaya. Drink ginger, big cardamom and black pepper tea. Drink a lot lemon salt water. Homeopathic Aconite 30-200, if fever together with belladonna or gelsemium. Breath steam, gurgle with salt water. Take vitamin C and D. Boiled elderberries (sambucus nigra), echinacea, yarrow, peppermint.

Cough persistent, soak orange in hot water, take juice evening before sleep for 15 days. Take in the morning clove, thyme tea, lemon and honey. Homeopathy, bryonia, belladonna, phosphorus, Kali-bi, sulphur, hepar sulphur.

Dandruff or lice, grind raw turmeric and yoghurt mixed, put on scalp every 4 days before bath. Tea tree oil and olive oil to hair. Homeopathic staphysagria, apis, sulph, lycopodium. Falling hair, raw turmeric paste before bath. Eat pumpkin seeds, zink. Homeopathic for hair condition medorhinum, thuja, lycopodium, phosphorus, baryta carbonica.

Diabetes, do physical exercises and fast. Neem and little honey to empty stomach in the morning. Half baths many times a day. Alkaline food. Ripe bananas, coconut, peanut extract, squash, figs, coriander seeds. Take care of indigestion and constipation. Homeopathic, aurum, causticum, phosphoric acid, syzygium mother tincture.

Diarrhea, banana, white rice, lemonade, soft drinks. China and Carbo veg 30 alternating, if not helping or severe case arsenicum. Air colic in stomach, china 30.

Depression or suicidal, do service, help others. Meditation, yoga. John’s worth, pumpkin seeds, vitamin B, D, magnesium. Light therapy. Homeopathic combination medicines aurum, ignatia, natrum mur, pulsatilla, sepia, kali phos, many more for suicidal case. 
Ear problems, heat mustard oil and only that which drops put on ear. Acupressure. For pain, external hot bandage with salt, or basil, tea tree oil. Homeopathic if inflammation chamomilla, pulsatilla, belladonna, aconitum, mercurius, hepar sulph. If ear wax clean with salt water, olive oil, sesam oil or almond oil. Or 1 tsp salt on 1 dl warm water on ear, keep 3-5 minutes, remove and clean the ear. 
Epilepsy, eat half boiled cabbage without spices. No garlic, caffeine. Take mistletoe, scullcap, mugwort, vitamin B, E, magnesium. Homeopathic, cicuta, stramonium, cuprum, argentum nitr.

Eye decease, put drops of honey in eyes. Eat blue berries, black current, eyebright tea. Vitamin A, E, zink, omega. Homeopathic ruta, euphrasia, apis, arnica, calcarea fluor, cina, gelsemium, natrum mur

Fever low, wipe body with boiled potato water. Massage lightly head etc. Homeopathic aconite 30. High fever, belladonna.

Hernia, diet same as for indigestion. Eat only little several times, maintain a slight feeling of hunger. Avoid constipation, lifting, jumping and sex.

Heart, acute state; only fruits and milk or yoghurt with water, no asanas. Also otherwise only basic asanas. Sleep early. No any exertion, avoid anger. Spoonful of cinnamon with honey, take twice a day. Eat light food several times. Acupressure. Don’t sing or talk. Homeopathic medicines easily aggravate so avoid, except mother tinctures, terminalia arjuna, crataegus, camphora.

Indigestion, probiotics, natural enzymes, lemon water with salt several times a day. Chew the food well. Take only vegetarian food, not much grains, some boiled old rice grains with green vegetables and yoghurt water. Do physical work outside, eat only when hungry. Keep only right nostril open after meal. Coconut flakes with anis seed.

Kidney problems, juicy fruits, tomato. No fried foods or oil. Fast on plenty of water and lemon, never without water. Boil the silken husk of corn, drink the water. Kidney stones, homeopathic china 200 and berberis vulgaris mother tincture 5-10 drops in water alternating may help, if not soon go to doctor.

Leprosy, see that no food is rotten, decomposed, old. Malnourished poor get this disease. Neem bark tea. Cow’s urine with turmeric at dawn for one month. 
Liver, gall bladder, no grains except barley. Bitter leaves such as dandelion. Papaya. Ripe tomatoes with salt and pepper, morning and evening. Burn raw mango on fire, take 3-4 times a month. Flax seed oil, probiotics, yoghurt, radish, enzymes, detox, lots of water. One has to do physical work. Tapping with hand the area of liver. Homeopathic medicines, lycopodium, bryonia, nux vomica, mercury, podo, suphur, phosphorus, mother tinctures, chelidonium, carduus marianus. Gall stones, homeopathic china 200 and berberis vulgaris mother tincture 5-10 drops in water alternating until pain disappears, if not soon go to doctor. 
Lung cancer, preventive sugar cane molasses, grape seed, pineapple juice. Stop smoking or working on dusty place. Homeopathic, carbo anim, lycopodium, carcinosin, calcarea fluor, con.

Malaria to prevent, one spoon of neem leaf juice, heat in iron spoon to oxidise it. (how many times to take?) Gives immunity for five years. Grape fruit, cinnamom. Homeopathic, chininum sulph, nux vomica, china, eupatorium per, arsenicum, natrum mur.

Memory loss, keep body erect as much as possible, walk bare foot outside, delays also ageing. Take ginkgo and ginseng tinctures or mother tinctures. Rosemary, sage, blue berries. Brain exercises. Homeopathic, ambra grisea, anacardium, baryta carb, kalium phos, lycopodium.

Menstruation problems, reasons; liver defects, lack of physical work, constipation, excessive sex, anaemia, over-acidity. All types of fruit juice, milk, leafy vegetables. Little, asafoetida and clove, No warming oneself by the fire. During excessive bleeding, lie in bed with the legs raised. Relax, meditate. Homeopathy pain etc, magnesium phos, belladonna, colocynthis, pulsatilla, sepia, lachesis.

Obesity, instead of eating do service. Asanas, acupressure, chromium. Cook and eat only simple, healthy foods, which are not attractive. Homeopathic calcarea carb, aurum met, natrum mur, lycopodium, nux vomica etc. 
Paralyses, avoid high blood pressure, acidity, constipation, lust and anger. Half baths and sun baths. Ayurvedic aswagandha and bala. Preventive; bromelain, gingko, flax seed oil, vitamin C, millet, beet root, asparagus, nuts, radish. Avoid bitter, acidic foods. Camphor on facial paralyses, or black pepper, ginger, honey mixture to face. Heat big cardamom with olive oil, put to face morning or evening for one month. Keep the affected part often in slight motion. Homeopathic medicines, causticum, plumbum met, conium, nux vomica, phosphorus, natrum sulph and arnica. 
Piles, clear constipation, avoid sex. Food similar as in liver disease. Some whole grains, yoghurt-water, soups, figs, tomato, spinach, unripe pumpkin, squash psyllium husk, aloe vera olive or tea tree oil. Avoid salt, spices, excessive alkaline food. Fasting with citrus water. Neem ghee externally, or apple cider vinegar. Half baths. Homeopathic medicines, aesculus, aloe, arsenicum, nux vomica, nitric acid, sulphur, phosphorus.

Psoriasis, (etc skin problems), raw turmeric and neem leaves with honey. Lunchtime vegetables with neem leaves, evening drink; basil soaked in warm water. Sun baths. Seaweeds, iodium, aloe vera, vitamin D, Z, probiotics, milk thistle. Take care of digestion. Ginger for sore, itching skin externally. Coconut oil boiled with neem leaves, keep in bottle and use for skin daily. Tea tree oil. Homeopathic arsenicum and ars iod, borax, calcarea sulph, graphites, lycopodium, petroleum, psorinum, sulph.

Rheumatism, same as acidity. Drink plenty of water, sun and half baths. Beginning state take purgatives. Willow bark, ginger, nettles. Externally castor oil, mashed cabbage, tiger palm. Not much salt. Homeopathic medicines, rhus tox, bryonia etc.

Sciatica, lumbago, kaoshiki 20 minutes daily, hanging on something, chiropractor treatment, asanas, acupuncture. Bind small hot water bottle on back. Homeopathic medicines calcarea carbonica, rhus tox, bryonia, colocynthis, magnesia phos, nux vomica, lycopodium, causticum etc

Syphilis, gonorrhoea, raw turmeric and honey in the morning. Vegetarian food. Avoid onion, spices, sweets, milk products, intoxicants and staying awake at night. Take alkaline foods. Sun-bath of diseased parts. Continuous fast 4 days on lemon salt water. Lime for chancroid and then honey on top of it. Wash the sores with neem juice, put neem oil, but not in first stage. No sex for 2 years although healed. Homeopathic, mercurius, arsenicum, kali bi, hepar sulph, nitr acid, aurum, suphur, sepia.

Small box, soak methi in water, smell it many times in the mornings. Aconitum, bryonia, antimum tart. Sneezing, big cardamom and honey.
Thyroid, hypothyroidism, gluten free diet, eat seaweed, kelp, coconut and flax seed oil, nettles, selenium, avoid any cabbage plants. Asanas. Homeopathic iodium, thyroidinum, calcarea carbonica and for hyperthyroidism iodium, natrum mur, phosphorus, conium, lachesis

Ulcer, eat cooked papaya. Take vegetarian alkaline food, no constipation, no poisonous medicines. In a severe state, only plenty of water and sweet or sour fruit juice. Later small quantity of diluted milk with honey. Filtered juice of ripe tomatoes. Well-boiled mass potatoes with milk. Should never eat much, but several times a day. No sweet, spicy and salty foods, no fibres. Homeopachic medicines, first reduce acidity; lycop, carbo veg, nux vomica, then mercury, in some case calcarea and pulsatilla.

Urinary problems, soak fenugreek over night, drink corn silk drinks and diuretic herb teas. Specific asanas, vitamin D, pumpkin seed extract. Acupuncture or -pressure. Homeopathic cantharis for inflammation, involuntary urination causticum and some others, avoid coffee.

Weakness, eat tomatoes, do kaoshiki. Bananas, almonds, ginseng, licorice may help. Avoid coffee, its effect is addictive. Homeopathic, gels, ferrum met, china, conium, kali phos.

Many of these advises are answers from P R Sarkar for health inquiries and some from his book below, while some are my own and others beneficial experiences with natural and homeopathic treatments.

Didi Annapurna
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Yogis Who Lived For Centuries

Totapuri was a wandering naked monk of the Naga sannyasis. He was born in the mid-17th century and was over 250 years old when he died. Most likely he was a disciple of Totapuri Maharaj. A story goes; king had beckoned Totapuri with beautiful jewels but robbers took everything. Totapuri only stated, ”I am still the same with or without the jewels”.

Once Sri Ramakrishna asked Totapuri to initiate him into Vedanta mysteries. After initiation Ramakrishna remained completely absorbed in samadhi for three days. Totapuri was astonished. “Is it possible that he has attained in a single day what it took me forty years of strenuous practice to achieve?”
Totapuri decided to give up his body in 1960. He walked one month from Nagaland to Jamalpur to meet Shrii Anandamurti, who advised him to do first some time kiirtan, because Totapuri was lacking devotion. Totapuri had stated earlier ‘music and chanting were only nonsense’. When Acarya Sujit Kumar mentioned to that they would like to go to perform Totapuri’s funeral rites after his death, Anandamurti said that it was not needed, as Totapuri would use a yogic technique to evaporate his body.

Sources; And Disciples of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

Li Ching-Yuen who lived 256 years, died in 1933. He himself has told he was born in 1772, while according disputed records he was born in 1677. For 40 years he had a diet of only herbs which included goji berry, wild ginseng, gotu kola, rice wine and lingzhi. Li became teacher of martial arts at the age of 71 in the Chinese army. It turned out he was in better shape than his younger trainees. He had probably 180 descendants, and 14 marriages.

In 1908 Li and his disciple published a book, The Secrets of Li Qingyun’s Immortality. One of Li’s disciples has told that 130 years old Master Li encountered in the mountains about 500 years old hermit, who taught him secrets of longevity; martial arts with sounds, meditation with breathing control and a special diet. Li performed them every day for 120 years.

The New York Times article from 1930 reported that professor Wu Chung-Chieh discovered Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li on his 150th, and in 1877 on his 200th birthday. Several old men in Li’s neighbourhood stated that when their grandfathers were boys, they knew Li and at that time he was a grown man.

256 Years Old Man’s Secrets

Shivaram, later known as Trailanga Swami was a contemporary of fellow Benares Siddhi master Swami Vishudhananda, with both swamis said to have had lifespans around 300 years. Vishudhananda was known to have visited the mysterious hidden spiritual hermitage high in the Himalayans known as Gyanganj, Shambhala and Shangri la. Source: Swami Yogananda. Trailanga Swami movie,

The British officers complained of Trailanga Swami’s nudity to the magistrate, who finally got him arrested, but Swami simply disappeared before their very eyes! A huge search party was summoned to search for him. Trailanga Swami returned laughing hilariously.

Ramakrishna visited also Trailinga Swami. Both of them were so happy to be together, and yet few words were exchanged. Trailinga Swami spoke in his own version of sign language.

One day he announced to his disciples that he would like to leave this world and advised his devotees to make a sandalwood coffin ready. He entered into meditative samadhi and consciously exited from the body on the 11th day of the full moon.

Devraha Baba (Born before 1840 – May 1990), was a Siddha Yogi, known as “ageless Yogi”. He preached harmony between religions. Ministers, saints, yogis, priests, rich and poor all came to visit Baba, including Mrs Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. A high wooden barricade hid his semi-naked body, and he came down only to bathe in the river.

According his family records, his age was at least 250 years when he purposely left his body in 1990. Dr. Rajendra Prashad, president of India, verified Baba’s old age. Seven generations of Allahabad High Court Barrister had sat at the feet of Baba.

Swami Rama (1925-1996) met Baba many times. According him partial secret for Baba’s long age was his diet – fruits and vegetables. When enquired Baba explained other secrets, ‘happiness is the greatest wealth of all. Punctuality is essential. Practising advanced methods of breathing, a technique of pranayama’, is equally important.

Brahmrishi Shri Devraha Baba Speaking

Swami Rama continues; ‘The highly accomplished yogis can live as long as they wish with the help of yoga powers and discipline, until they decide to leave. Some do it sitting in certain posture and consciouly opening the fontanelle, thus leaving the worn out body. Another way of doing it is to meditate on solar plexus, and then internal flame of fire burns the body in a fraction of a second. It is similar to spontanious combustion. Yogis also know how to change body – to take over dead person’s body, in order to still continue their life.

Australian Dr Michael Barbato, who has seen hundreds of patients die, did research into the behaviour of the brain at death. Researchers put brain monitors to thirty voluntary patients at a Port Kembla hospital as they died. The final seconds of life bring to many a last, powerful, surge of activity in the brain. According the study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom management, 73 per cent of the patients had a spike in brain activity at the time of death. "It is contrary to what one would expect," said Dr Barbato, “but just as the heart beat and breathing cease, the brain seems to have a burst of activity."

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; ‘Secrets for a long life: Eating as soon as one feels hungry. Going to sleep as soon as one feels sleepy. Regularity in spiritual practices. Fasting at intervals. Performing half bath before meditation, sleep and meals. Yogurt, raw foods. Getting out of bed early. Yogic discipline, including sexual control. Proper physical labour. Rather than living a long life, important is to live a dignified life, performing noble deeds.

In future biological babies will be produced in laboratories from chemical compounds. The entire body, including the brain, can be created. They can have a long life as the different parts of their body can be replaced. Nature will put a bodiless mind into the embryo of these babies, so they will not be free from samskaras (karma). The more leisure time they have the more meditation practises they will do. It may be possible for future humans to move anywhere freely with their brain only’.

The Yoga of Physical Immortality, This seemsto happen sometimes in India and Himalayas, 200-Year-Old Mummified Buddhist Monk is ‘Not Dead’ Just Meditating, bodies don’t ‘die’,

Didianna, if you repost link it here, wishing you long and harmonious life!

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Bipolarity of the Mind

Anyone having bipolar disorder has divided mind, being by turns high and low – perhaps better described as manic-depressive. It is a condition were person has alternating states of elevated activity with enthusiasm, and low animalistic staticity with fears and depression. For some the active state is as high as feeling of being one with Jesus or God, kind of spiritual state with joy, magic and creativity.

The bipolar mind tends to go too high, similarly as if one has taken ayesha psychedelic. It may feel great, but the drop to opposite depressive state can happen at any trifle. Things are seen then on a negative point of view. There is no hope, one may want to hide under the table due to fears, or sleep constantly.

Not everyone go to the highest spiritual states, they might just end up on some stage of elevated consciousness with overestimated efforts, paranoia, suicidal thoughts etc. The obsessions drive the direction of interests and make frustrated.

Video about 80 FAMOUS bipolar cases, for example; Beethoven, Russell Brand, Churchill, Kurt Cobain, Diggens, Emerson, Fitzgerald, Newton, Hemingway, Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Mostly they are people who have artistic talents; actors, musicians, singers and writers, but only few politicians, you may see all 80

What is the difference between true spirituality compared to high manic state, or ayesha condition? When doing meditation, one is rising gradually during years to a higher state of mind. Her understanding of spiritual realm is increasing, and she doesn’t fluctuate between lower and higher states of mind, rather the mind becomes more stable. Manic person or druct addict jumps suddenly to a high spiritual state, which she is not able to understand or control. One negative thought can bring her down to an opposite state.
What to do about it?

One of the best ways to uplift oneself when being depressed or suicidal – bipolars are often suicidal – is to do service. It might sound strange or even crude to suggest that to sick person, but in reality when one starts helping, those being helped will start to show sympathy for her. Sometimes it is better to do it unknowingly, as then there is no danger of becoming slave for anyone. Karma will pay it back in that case, with interest. Help will start coming from somewhere, even miracles will happen as the Cosmic consciousness is showering his grace. Everyone can help according capacity, even just share sympathy for others in the net, or make something and give to old people, feed animals etc.

She ended up helping others; bipolar disorder, anorexia and bulimia

Doctors don’t seem to have much understanding of higher states of mind. When explained to a patient the spiritual nature of ones condition, it already helps to understand more the sickness and how to scope with it. Also while knowing that in spiritual realm there are helpers, guides and teachers, it will lessen the feeling of helplessness. Suicide is not any option as the same problems might be waiting in the next life.
In bipolar condition one may not be able to do calming meditation, in that case singing mantra and dancing kiirtan is very helpful. The zone therapy and acupuncture points are activated by touching the big toes on the floor during dancing, which calms the mind down. Besides the singing of mantra is also helpful. The brain activity seen in EEG is fluctuating, while mantra’s vibration is a straight line, which will straighten a bit also ones brain wave. Mind can be kept on positive flow just by repeating mantras or aphorisms in mind constantly, as the negative, depressive state is more debilitating in longer run.

Bipolar Disorder & Consciousness

I used to take care of mentally sick people while they were staying occasionally in our course center in Finland. Once one bipolar patient was asking advice how she could avoid of doing crazy things that made her life hell and other people to avoid her. As bipolar people seem to be good actors – if you watched the video above about famous people, you could see that many Hollywood actors are bipolars – I suggested to her, ‘why not you start acting how normal person would do things?’ It actually helped her quite a lot as she enjoyed acting. After that it was quite difficult anymore even notice that she had serious problems and her relationships with people got better.

There are many herbs, homeopathic medicines, special foods – without forgetting exercise, including yoga posters – which are helpful. So called half baths several times a day by wetting the face, neck, top of head, arms and feet will calm the nerves. Drinking 3-4 litre of water daily is essential. Lithium orotate, John’s wort, ginkgo, ginseng, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, flax seed and grape seed oil etc may help when combined with other means.

Spiritual company is relaxing. Normally relationships are difficult as other people tend to go into feelings of the patient, and end up helpless, but those who practise meditation, although sympathetic, will not get trapped so easily on patient’s emotions.

Sadhguru: ‘If you align the physical, mental and the energy body in proper balance there will be no physical or psychological ailments within you, and blissfulness becomes a natural process. Dis-aligned state causes all kinds of health problems.’

You need to take care of food, activity and rest. Eat what fits for you (he recommends usually vegetarian food). Between meals have gap of five hours for cleansing process to happen. After the evening meal (not immediately) there must be some physical activity. Hatha yoga is the best way to do it, also morning stretching.’ Full Transcript:…, video

Sadhguru has also yogic hospital in India. ‘We give treatments to the patients, but they are also working in the garden bare foot. Your body is piece of the planet and you forget that. If you loose the connection to your source you will get disorganized.’

Erik shot himself at the age of 16 due to bipolar disorder. Since he has been helping and advising people through several mediums from the other side. He says about bipolar disorder: ‘You need to have it in order to learn’. One way you may get it: ‘let’s say my grandma is bipolar, and I’m around her everyday for 10 years and I love her a lot. And all of a sudden, I have bipolar disease. What you believe in is what you manifest’.

Bipolar people keep other foot in different dimension, beyond. It allows one to see and to observe human life in a disconnected way. Some people choose to be bipolar to stay distant from emotional relations. Someone can be so disassociated from his body that other entities will invite themselves to come in and share his body. Have your doctor, therapist, energetic healer, and regressive hypnotist’.

Erik’s personal experience: ‘Well, the manic spells were awesome. That’s when you’re most connected to Source and more euphoric and creative. It is a spiritual experience. This state may last for a week, a month, then you disconnect. That feels terrible, so of course you get depressed’.

But only those bipolars who are more evolved are able to connect to Source. Society stuff them full of pills. There are some folks who, when manic, become aggressive. Eating processed food, breathing polluted air – and dirty water is a huge culprit. Deficiency in omega -3 fatty acid plays a role in our nervous system.’

Psychic Focus about sociopathy and bipolar disorder. ‘The life a person lives is a combination of past karma and lessons you are to learn. We have roles that vary, sometimes you are to help others to grow, sometimes they help you to grow. The experiences all serve as a balancing act. We all incarnate and are all things (good and bad) in order to ascend’.

Indian scientist P.R Sarkar says, that people commonly tend to identify themselves with mental objects. People who in their objectivated minds repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania. And when one thinks that everyone deliberately avoids him or dislikes him, he becomes dejected and dispirited. Life loses all its charm, and he may even commit suicide. This type of mania is called melancholia. If one is alert, the defective control over the objectivated mind can be avoided. Those who regularly practise meditation can remain free from these diseases, as their minds will remain in a balanced state’.

Sarkar has also mentioned that division of the mind causes mental problems and that only where, along with psychological treatment, guidance concerning diet, bathing and behaviour is given, and to normalize the possibly diseased glands of the body by yoga or medicines, can the disease be permanently cured. 1980, Calcutta.

All humans tend to be bipolars more or less, but not Sadhguru? The scientists declared his brain dead when he did meditation during gamma wave testing!

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder, I Was Jesus (Bipolar Disorder), Bipolar and spirituality, What’s It Like To Have Bipolar Disorder? I solved my bipolar issues without medication,

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Amazing NDE Cases, Irrespective of Religion

There are hundreds, if not thousands of videos from people who have had NDE, Near Death Experience. Since 1960 UWA has done research on NDE. Their research shows that 23% cardiac arrest cases experience NDE. Patients are able to give detailed description what they saw during NDE, although their eyes were closed. Even after decades memories of NDE are more clear than other memories. Only 1- 10 % of all 1000 NDE cases have had negative experience.

Professor Ed Kelly concludes that mind can operate separately from physical body. While Professor Kim Penberthy, clinical psychologist tries to find ways to reach similar states than NDE, using mindfulness, yoga etc.

Here some NDE cases and what they learned

CHILDREN’S NDEs. As nine months old a boy had emergency surgery. He told later how he was floating above his body and could see parents crying. He went to a dark tunnel and then saw a bright light. He had telepathic communication with God, who came to help him, ‘you have purpose of life, you should go back’.

Family died in tornado, all went together to heaven. A 5 years old girl Ari was told by angel, that she has to come back and help other kids that have lost their parents. She was the only one of the family that survived. She has written a book, To Heaven After the Storm,

Mother of 7 year old boy drove a car which fell down from bridge. The boy was withdrawn into colourful spiral tunnel. There was separate animal and human heavens. He flew towards a beautiful flower. Huge friendly honey bee came to help him in heaven. One more amazing child’s story in BIN,

HEAVEN. Neuroscientist Eben Alexander was one week in state of Coma. Having reached to heaven, his spirit met God, accompanied with young woman. Afterwards he came to conclusion that this scenery must have happened outside of his brain, because his brain was not functional at that time. He was surprised to find a photo of the woman who had appeared with God. He found out that she was her deceased sister, although he never before had even heard about her.

HELL IS NOT ETERNAL. After suicide in hell, she felt hell was just a manifestation what she was already experiencing in real life. She saw in hell other suicided in agony, concentrating only on themselves. She had life review and felt also others perspective. She was shown what would happen to her children if she would die. Eventually light came in the form of loving God. God said; ‘You can’t take your life, it is not yours. Life suppose to be hard’.

Bishop entered darkness after his suicide. He heard people’s fearful voices and joined screaming. Then he was taken to place of regret. There was fire on ground. In third place there was satan. Compassionate Jesus appeared and gave him another chance. He came back to life.

ALIENS IN HEAVEN. A Christian woman went first to darkness, then she was she was taken by by guardian angels in front of bright light being, the heavenly father (crying). She was shown of getting two children in the future, and that she would be involved in book of revelations. Then she was shown all kind of aliens, good and bad, small and big. She was told not to be afraid of them. God pushed her back,

PETS SEEN. Melinda got allergic reaction. In hospital she saw light, but the paramedic couldn’t see it. Soon she was with loving God, who said, ‘I have always loved you, nothing can prevent me of loving you’. Her wild parakeet had died before her NDE in her hands, which she had felt quilty. Now the parakeet appeared and spoke to her telepathically, ‘my death was not your fault. Although you behaved badly, you had to also stand all my bitings. I always love you’. She learned, ‘on the other side we are all one, we speak language of love. God is not in church, he is within us’.

Pet Spirit Guides. Jan got sick and was taken to hospital. Her husband saw spirit of Jan rising out of her body, and her deceased dog to appear. Jan saw her own body from above. Her dog was guiding her in heaven. She was pulled back to her body. Paramedic says, ‘Jan told afterwards every detail of the emergency response although she had been clinically dead that time’. ‘There are many plains of spiritual existence. We should live our life with joy and in wander each moment’.

ATHEISTS SEE GOD. Ian was bitten by shark, left his body and saw himself transparent. Evil eyes were watching in the dark hell, but he was withdrawn through tunnel to warm brilliant light, the energy source of universe. He heard a voice ‘if you wish to return you have to understand, God is light’. He knew now he was created by God, and felt he had come home. He was asked to return to tell others there is God. He became Christian.

Nathan came back to life in hospital, but missed “home”, a heavenly place, where four angels had taken her to. Before NDE she had been doubting heaven, but now admits, ‘Heaven is great. The only important thing in life is to serve God’,

BLIND SEES. A blind from birth had accident, and her spirit went out of body. She saw her own body, and was terrified of seeing first time herself. She heard doctors discussing and even their thoughts. After darkness she met Jesus, who told her to go back, and ‘teach unconditional love and forgiveness to others.
Let them know that I AM’.

NO RELIGION. After death she went to dark tunnel, and then saw the beautiful universe. Godly being asked if she was ready to return to life. She was shown her life purpose, and given access to universal knowledge. ’There is no reason to fear death, one can’t die. All are one beyond religion’.

Karla had car accident and found himself hovering above his body. He saw garden with unimaginable colors. He met women with light energy pulsating from her, who said, ‘we are all combination of the same. It’s not about religion, it is about love’.

Dr Rajiv Parti, Indian doctor working in US, lived selfish materialistic life. During his emergency surgery, he could see doctors and nurses joking. He ‘flew’ to see his relatives in India. Then he was taken to place of fire, his abusive father appeared, but now he was lovingly helping Rajiv to the light. During life review he felt the pain of those that he had neglected. His advice is to start care about people. Consciousness is eternal using body during lives. There are divine beings like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. Cakra system and different levels of consciousness exist. If you hurt others you heart yourself,

ASKED TO WRITE A BOOK. She died in dentist and went through tunnel and saw beautiful ball of light, like diamond, pulsating. Telepathic voice said; ‘I’m the light, God’, you should write a book if you want to go back to life,

She had 3 NDEs in 3 months, and she had to relearn walking, etc. She says, ‘you feel pain before you die, but no pain on dying. On the other side you feel like expanded. I was energy, light, joy, and never since lost that sense’. She became more caring and couraged to face dark times. Voice spoke, ‘you are to write one book for each death’.

She was hit by track. During surgery, she left her body second time, got download of life info from beautiful light being for writing a book. ‘Humans can make heaven on earth and learn to love everybody with gratitude’,

CHRISTIAN. Woman in ICU was calling Jesus. She fainted and ‘died’. A scary being appeared, demon and god in the same form. Then she felt his love, and realized he was Jesus. When she was returned to life, she just wanted to go back to be with Jesus.

He saw his own body dying. He went through dark tunnel to white light. Impossible to describe. Every question was answered, like tapping into universal database. Jesus was loving, God himself took him to his lap. He was shown living pictures from his life, and he felt others feelings. He learned, ‘every soul is connected to God. It is better to give than take, and have gratitude’.

BAPTIST. As 7 years old she met St Francis in tunnel and asked, ‘why I don’t have anyone to greet me?’ He said; ‘you die usually so early that there is no relatives to receive you’. She saw kids, and knew they were her in past lives. ST Francis told, ‘there is only one place in heaven’. She asked, ‘where is Hitler then?’ He told, ‘there is reincarnation’… She told of being Baptist and not believing in reincarnation. He said; ‘religions don’t change that fact, where those not your past lives?’ She had to admit they were. As a nurse she is now channeling and advicing others. The soul runs the life. If you combine all soul lights, that is God. God is within us and he is in charge of hell also’.

HINDU. Dr. Parti had surgery. He saw himself operated and relatives discussing. His consciousness went to a dark place. He was tortured, and other souls were also crying. His deceased father helped him towards light. He had bad and good life, and also past lives review. Time is not linear. As Hindu he was surprised to see angels. He heard beautiful mantra. When his consciousness got higher, he saw the brightest loving light. Life will change, give up materialism and help people’.

Hindu man died due to typhoid. He was taken by ten people to other side. He didn’t want to go, so they cut his legs. Only then someone looked his papers and asked, ‘why have you brought him here, take him back’. He got his legs re-attached. He came back to his body, but there were marks where the knees were cut. He couldn’t bent his knees for long time. Someone with the same name, died soon after he was returned. His faith to God has increased.

BUDDHIST. He was gambling and not sleeping - got stroke and went into coma. He was crying amongst skeletons in the hell. He did’t get water to drink, because he had never donated water to monks. He was returned to home. Second time when he died, he was shown heavenly home like paradise with invisible beings and monks. Also he met old deceased friends. Since he returned to life, he has donated to monks.

Non believer Lee saw Buddha. He asked Buddha, ‘did’nt you disagree of eternal God?’ Budha admitted, that he didn’t believe in God, which was his biggest mistake. He adviced Lee, ‘go back and believe eternal God’. Lee said, ‘but I am dead’. Buddha said, ‘believing to eternal God will cure‘.

MISSION TO HELP OTHERS. After being electrocuted by lightning, Dannion died. He saw first a dark tunnel, then angels gave him 117 revelations about the future. He got ability to read minds. During second NDE angels advised him to use his psychic gifts to help the dying. Since then, he started working with the sick and elderly, and sharing his fantastic story.

Jessica was in Labor pain and drifted up to light, a beautiful place of peace and love. Divine golden light enveloping her was all that mattered, but she was sent back to body. ‘The source of the universe is love. We are part of God. Love oneself. Suffering is lesson to learn’. She is volunteering in hospice to help those in fear of death,

THERE IS NO DEATH. Michaela saw details of her future life, her partner and grandchildren. Death is like celebration and graduation’,

Elisabeth Taylor had love and light welcoming during her NDE. She appreciated music and colors. She didn’t want to come back. NDE made her feel grateful to God, and she had no more fear of death.

MIRACULOUS CURE. Julie was brain dead in a coma, and saw Lord’s presence in heaven. She felt peaceful, happy, and as being at real home, but Lord said, ‘go back’. Her disabled body had miraculous cure. She has now purpose in life,

GOD grants her favour. She drowned, was in dark, but went towards light. She merged into loving God and felt ecstasy. Her questions were answered with telepathy. God showed her the life that she left, like a movie. Once she had neglected grandmother. God asked, ‘what did you learn from it? Earth is for learning’. God advised her to help him by showing love to people. She asked God ‘can you do me a favour, can we again merge together’. She felt again ecstatic love,

SUICIDE. He had just committed suicide, but met extreme loving light, thousands times brighter than sun. He asked to see Christ, and Christ appeared with intense love. He learned, suicide affects others also. Love is the best choice. Enjoy your life’,

After suicide woman heard noises in darkness, but not that scary. Then she was taken in a peaceful place with beautiful colors. There was no time. She could go to places with thought. She was loved and shown her soul plan – that suffering was part of it. She had to come back to take care of her son. She was advised to tell others about her NDE. In death there is no pain, but coming back is painful, (Notice not all suicide stories are so peaceful, ofthen they are confused, and their life reviews etc are quite heavy).

DOCTORS’ NDE. Dr Rene Turner, Jew, was in car accident. He arrived to glorious light and was standing before a man of wisdom, love and indescribable peace. He had life review and felt also the hurt that he had caused to others. His deceased granddad told that grandmother has cancer and will come soon. (Grandmother died after 3 months). God gave message to all, ‘put your house in order’. Dr Rene states that his NDE memory is more clear than what he did yesterday,

EVIDENCE. Pam had brain aneurysm, everything was monitored in hospital. She witnessed opeartion done to her. She could describe unknown-to-her equipments used and words spoken, although her eyes were closed and ears plugged,

Most of the NDE cases feel peace and love. They have usually encounter with loving light being, even merge into him. They hardly find words to describe the bliss and beautitude what they experience. Those of us who do meditation experience daily some of these feelings.

Quite often the NDE seems to start negatively, however eventually light appears. Many cases recover physically amazingly. They have messages to others. Their attitudes, beliefs and way of life change; being more spiritual, compassionate and grateful. Fear of death and material interest reduces. DA.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; ‘It sometimes happens that due to sudden accident or the attack of a deadly disease, the body is so disturbed that its vital force becomes paralysed and navel breathing stops. It seems apparently as if death has occurred while actually it has not. During this condition, if the respiration can be re-established by an artificial process, the vital energy wakes up. As long as the vital energy is paralysed, there will be no sign of decay in the body. In olden days, whenever a person’s vital energy became paralysed, the people used to float it in water. In the open atmosphere of the river, the vital energy, in some cases, became fully active again’.

MORE WISDOM OF NDE There is no death only different world. God is inside and around everyone. We are part of God. We are not separate beings. Universe is benevolent and meaningful, There is eternal life beyond, a beautiul place of God, but there is also hell,

We are love and light, part of infinite being. No judging, or blaming, The light was formed from millions of tiny lights, and he also became part of that light with unconditional love’, You start to know who you are. Smile doesn’t cost anything – put it on,

You can’t die, only your body dies. All souls with earth have plan to co-create new earth, far beyond religion. We are one, although what ever race, sex etc, God is all oneness, the source of the universe. NDE explains more life than death. We humans are co-creators of the Creator.

LINKS; Children At Death, NDE witnessed by medical professionals, More stories in or Deathbed - Hospice Nurses Share Their Stories. More Pet Stories, NDE are just interpretation in different frequency of existence.

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